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  • Personal

    500MB of Disk Space
    500MB Bandwidth
    1 FTP Account
    1 E-Mail Account
    Automatic Backups



  • Advanced

    Auto WP Updates
    1GB of Disk Space
    1GB Bandwidth
    5FTP Account
    10 E-Mail Account
    5 MySQL DB
    5 Add On Domains
    Optimized for Security
    Optimized for Perfomance
    Automatic Backups



  • Extreme

    Auto WP Updates
    10 GB of Disk Space
    50 GB Bandwidth
    10 FTP Account
    50 E-Mail Account
    10 MySQL DB
    10 Add On Domains
    Optimized for Security
    Optimized for Perfomance
    Automatic Backups

    Dedicated Static IP


Step Up to Cloud-Based WordPress

WordPress is synonymous to blogging – but it has grown to so much more than a blogging platform.  A blog essentially maintains an ongoing chronicle of information. On websites, they’re commonly referred to as Weblogs, ranging in focus from personal to commercial enterprise (and everything in between).

WordPress is a type of software – that you can use to build a wide range of websites or blogs – on just about anything imaginable. WordPress is easy-to-use, with thousands of plug-ins and themes available to customize your site.

Weblogs normally focus on – one topic or industry, but do share some common traits like:

A chronological listing of posts (content)

An archive of previous posts

A blogroll (links to other sites)

An RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication)

A way for visitors to leave comments

The ability to pingback or trackback (to other sites)

Over 25 million people have chosen WordPress – to power the site they call “home” on the web – everything from retail sites featuring catalogs of products, news sites with the latest stories, entertainment sites, educational sites … to everything in between, including personal blogs.

WordPress as a CMS (content management system) – One of the strengths of WordPress is its method for managing your website, providing features required to both create and maintain your site. It provides an intuitive interface that allows you to focus, to a large degree, on your composition, handling the logistics of the site in the background, including generating html code that conforms to current web standards.

For those customers with blogging requirements that – extend beyond a normal shared hosting environment, stepping up to the Cloud – with NPSIS, ensures their WordPress website or blog stays online. NPSIS uses state-of-the-art XEN (Citrix) cloud-based blogging packages. These packages are hosted on high-end servers with 74GB of RAM. In this cloud environment, sites are automatically (seamlessly) moved to a different server in the event of a hardware failure.

NPSIS also uses – high-end storage devices running in RAID10, to ensure sites load fast and are highly redundant, and every site is backed up nightly to a remote data center.

Finally, a cost-effective 100% uptime solution for WordPress platforms.

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