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My Site was so easy to setup with NPSIS. I was up and running in no time at all. I know very little about technology but with NPSIS Support staff getting my site up and running was no big deal at all. Thank You for making this a simple process!"

Mike -

NPSIS VPS  (Virtual Private Server)

Starting at $39.95/Month
Disk Space
Disk Space* 40GB*
24/7 Support
24/7 Support
Hosted Domains
RAM* 1024MB*
Processors* 2.40GHz Xeon Processors*
Bandwidth Allowance* 500GB Per Month*
Money Back Guarantee Anytime

  • Disk Space is Upgradeable to 140GB
  • RAM is Upgradeable to 4028MB of RAM
  • Processors are Upgradeable to 4 2.40GHz Xeon Processors
  • Bandwidth Allowance is Upgradeable to 1500GB per Month

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Solutions – Step UP from shared hosting platforms to VPS, with just the right mix of memory and processing power to host everything from stand-alone services to ecommerce & complex web applications.

Virtual Private Servers offer – an extraordinary range of control and flexibility, coupled by prices that won’t break the bank, all backed by a full BGP network with multiple upstream providers and diverse fiber paths. All of our VPS solutions use XenServer technology.

Featuring a 100% uptime guarantee & Forever support – at pricing levels UNMATCHED in the industry. Hostirian’s data centers are staffed with on-site engineers who are empowered to provide long-term value.

A VPS Server – is the next logical step up from a shared platform. It’s ideal for stand- alone services, whether you need a:

  • Private Proxy
  • Small Email Server
  • VPN Endpoint
  • DNS Server
  • Repository
  • FTP Server
  • Web Server
  • Remote Linux Desktop

A VPS is allotted – disk space and memory independent of other allocations on our server, minimizing the opportunities for one user’s activities to impact others.

When you outgrow shared hosting – Virtual Private Servers offer the same complement of operating systems and software components expected from a dedicated server.

If you need to scale up your applications or services – a VPS is the right choice. Repositories, FTP Servers and databases perform well and provide excellent value, especially in comparison to a dedicated server.

VPS packages can be upgraded – to provide ample memory allocation and processing power to run moderate to large dynamic websites or busy email servers. Need to scale up your web hosting business to host lots of client’s sites? Configure your VPS with just the right mix of memory and processing power to host forums and complex web applications.

Running ecommerce? Forget shared hosting – move up to a virtual private server. The level of control and flexibility it grants is extraordinary.

On the high end, VPS exceeds the specifications of many dedicated servers, at a fraction of the cost, and are ideally suited for hosting tons of client sites, forums, ecommerce sites and a whole host of complex web applications.

Set up Windows terminal services – file servers, SharePoint and database applications or use your VPS for application development.

Our Forever support EXCEEDS industry standards, offering three ways to communicate with our staff 24/7/Forever

  1. Phone:
    Call us at: 800-615-9349 or 314-692-3500. Live Onsite US Based Phone Support
  2. Email:
    Email us at: This Automatically Creates a Trouble Ticket
  3. Live Chat:
    Click the red “LIVE SUPPORT ONLINE” button at the upper-left-hand side of the website. Live Chat is set up for Pre and Post Sales Level 1 and Level 2 Support

Hostirian’s core focus is its customers – Every support request is responded to within 15 minutes, every day, all day long.

Hostirian’s Value Add – is its handson approach to hosting. Since its inception, Hostirian has helped countless businesses, just like yours, with customized virtual private server solutions. With more than 10 years of experience in the hosting industry, we know what it takes to provide successful and stress-free hosting services.

Are You Ready to Experience the Hostirian Advantage? – Configure the perfect virtual private server solution that matches your specific IT needs.