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  • Moodle Starter

    500MB of DiskSpace
    500MB Bandwidth
    1 FTP Account
    1 E-Mail Account
    Automatic Backups


  • Moodle

    Auto WP Updates
    1GB of Disk Space
    1GB Bandwidth
    5FTP Account
    10 E-Mail Account
    5 MySQL DB
    5 Add On Domains
    Optimized for Security
    Optimized for Perfomance
    Automatic Backups


  • Moodle

    Free Domain
    Auto WP Updates
    10 GB of Disk Space
    10 GB Bandwidth
    1 0 FTP Account
    50 E-Mail Account
    10 MySQL DB
    10 Add On Domains
    Optimized for Security
    Optimized for Perfomance
    Automatic Backups

    Dedicated Static IP



Step Up to Cloud-Based Moodle

Moodle is open source educational software – very popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating dynamic websites for their students. It is a Course Management System (CMS), but it’s also recognized as a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or Learning Management System (LMS).

Whether you’re delivering content – or building collaborative learning communities, the focus of the Moodle project has always been to give educators the best tools to manage and promote learning.

Moodle’s features allow it to – scale to very large deployment (hundreds of thousands of students), yet it can be used for a primary school or an education hobbyist. Many institutions use it to conduct fully online courses, while others use it as a blended approach to augment face-to-face courses.

Moodle’s activity modules – forums, databases and wikis help build rich collaborative learning communities. Similar to a standard SCORM package, Moodle can be used to deliver content to students, and assess learning using assignments or quizzes.

There are over 9000 registered Moodle sites – in the United States and over 49,000 globally.  Moodle’s popularity is linked to 5 key principles:

  • We are all potential teachers as well as learners
  • We learn well by creating and expressing for others
  • We learn a lot by watching others
  • Understanding others transforms us
  • We learn well when the learning environment is flexible and adaptable to suit our needs.

For those customers with hosting requirements that – extend beyond a normal shared hosting environment, stepping up to the Cloud – with NPSIS, ensures your Moodle website stays online. NPSIS uses state-of-the-art XEN (Citrix) cloud-based packages hosted on high-end servers with 74GB of RAM. In this cloud environment, sites are automatically (seamlessly) moved to a different server in the event of a hardware failure.

NPSIS also uses – high-end storage devices running in RAID10, to ensure sites load fast and are highly redundant, and every site is backed up nightly to a remote data center.

Finally, a cost-effective 100% uptime solution for Moodle platforms.

Bonus: A free domain is offered on all Moodle plans, plus “Real-Time” set up.

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