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  • Joomla Personal

    500MB of Disk Space
    500MB Bandwidth
    1 FTP Account
    1 E-Mail Account
    Automatic Backups



  • Joomla Advanced

    Auto WP Updates
    1GB of Disk Space
    1GB Bandwidth
    5FTP Account
    10 E-Mail Account
    5 MySQL DB
    5 Add On Domains
    Optimized for Security
    Optimized for Perfomance
    Automatic Backups



  • Joomla Extreme

    Free Domain
    Auto WP Updates
    10 GB of Disk Space
    10 GB Bandwidth
    10 FTP Account
    50 E-Mail Account
    10 MySQL DB
    10 Add On Domains
    Optimized for Security
    Optimized for Perfomance
    Automatic Backups

    Dedicated Static IP



Step Up to Cloud-Based Joomla

Joomla is a FREE open source – content management system (CMS) and application framework, powering 2.7% of the entire web, which makes it one of the most popular website softwares available.

Joomla is based on PHP and MySQL – so you can build powerful applications on an open platform anyone can use, share and support. As a CMS, it keeps track of every piece of content on your site, from text, photos, music, video, documents or anything you can imagine – requiring almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage.

Joomla is used to power – websites of all shapes and sizes, including those used as intranets. Some examples would be:

  • Corporate Websites
  • Portals
  • Intranets and Extranets
  • Online Magazines, Newspapers and Publications
  • Community Based Sites
  • Personal and Family Sites
  • Government Applications

Joomla’s roots go back – to 2000 and it now has over 200,000 community users and contributors, and continues to grow. The core Joomla framework enables developers to quickly and easily build:

  • Inventory control systems
  • Data reporting tools
  • Application bridges
  • Custom product catalogs
  • Integrated e-commerce systems
  • Complex business directories
  • Reservation systems
  • Communication tools

If you need specialized functionality – thousands of extensions (most for FREE under their GPL license) are available in the Joomla Extensions Directory.

For those customers with hosting requirements that – extend beyond a normal shared hosting environment, stepping up to the Cloud – with, ensures their Joomla website stays online. uses state-of-the-art XEN (Citrix) cloud-based packages hosted on high-end servers with 74GB of RAM. In this cloud environment, sites are automatically (seamlessly) moved to a different server in the event of a hardware failure. also uses – high-end storage devices running in RAID10, to ensure sites load fast and are highly redundant, and every site is backed up nightly to a remote data center.

Finally, a cost-effective 100% uptime solution for Joomla platforms.

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